Why Legacy?


You are the bridge between the past and the future.


You span two shores. On one side, you hold the memories, traditions, and accumulated lessons of countless generations. On the other, you nourish the hopes and dreams of those who come after you. Whether they appreciate it or not, they need the lessons, traditions, and memories of yesterday to realize the great promises of tomorrow. You are the connection who can forge that critical link



You have wisdom to share.


You have lived in extraordinary times. Regardless of how ordinary you may think your life has been, you have lived it against the backdrop of the greatest epic adventures in the history of mankind. On a larger-than-life canvas, you have learned to paint life - real life - in colors both vibrant and subtle. Under the biggest of big tops, you have have learned to keep your balance under the glaring spotlight of the center ring. In the Super Bowl/World Series/Final Four/Indy 500/World Cup/Masters of life, you have not only stayed in the game, you have scored big points and achieved important victories.


Those around you need to know how you did it. They need to hear the secrets of your success. They need to savor the lessons of a lifetime--your lifetime.



Your life matters.


There's an old saying that goes something like this: When one of us dies without sharing our life-lessons, our insight, our stories, our wisdom, it's like a library burning down.

Only you have seen the things you have seen, heard the things you have heard, felt the things you have felt, understood the things you have understood. When you are gone, no one else will take your place because no one else can take your place. Your life is an incomparable treasure. You have a unique story and only you can tell it.

Don't let your library burn down.

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